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Methyl Green Counterstain Protocol

Introduction Methyl green is used commonly with bright-field microscopes to stain cell nuclei by dyeing the chromatin of cells  with a green color. It is chemically related to cresyl violet. Materials 0.1M Sodium Acetate Buffer, pH4.2 Sodium acetate, trihydrate (MW 136.1) —— 1.36 gDistilled water ———————————– 100 mlMix to dissolve and adjust pH to 4.2  Full Article…

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Avidin-Biotin Blocking Solution

Avidin-Biotin blocking solution is used to reduce non-specific background that is commonly associated with biotinylated antibodies.

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Tris Buffer Antigen Retrieval Protocol

A Tris Buffer antigen retrieval solution is a basic pH solution that is used to improve staining in paraffin embedded, formalin or paraformaldehyde-fixed tissues

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